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My How...

These are a few of the key elements which form my approach to therapy, regardless of why you are coming.


Therapy should not be haphazard; your therapist should be able to articulate their plan for therapy and what interventions that feel will benefit you. There always needs to be flexibility, but overall therapy should have a clear direction and outcome.


This is the feeling of lightness that people often have after their first session. This is beneficial, but in my opinion it is not enough on its own.


Underpinning every session is a trauma informed approach that prioritises the client knowing what they can expect from me and the therapeutic space.


You will always be involved in your care. I will be transparent with you about what I see as being the key issues to be addressed and what treatment modalities we have to choose from.



Sometimes people know that they need assistance but are not quite able to articulate what their issues are and where they stem from.


Therapy can be extremely challenging so it is important that clients feel safe and supported. Providing a calm space physically and emotionally for my clients is something I prioritise every day.

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