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What can I help you with?

Counselling (General)

You may have worries or concerns that you would like an external, neutral perspective on. Short term counselling of 1-6 sessions has been shown to provide significant assistance to people in navigating significant life changes and challenges. We will develop goals together specifically tailored to your needs to help bring about lasting change.

Chronic Illness Support

There are many people in the community who have a long and challenging history with their physical health and they often go ‘unseen’ and ‘unheard’ by most of society. They may have experienced a lengthy and convoluted process to receive a diagnosis and treatment, or they may have no answers and had to largely navigate things alone. Supporting the mental health of people with a chronic or complicated illness is something I see as being vitally important as despite their often amazing resilience they often feel isolated and misunderstood by those closest to them.

Clinical Therapy

For some people their issues can become quite impactful and debilitating, leading to mild or moderate mental illness. Let me work with you to find the root cause of your concerns. I will discuss the therapeutic approaches and interventions which I believe would be best suited for us to use to treat the mental health difficulties you are experiencing.

Clinical Supervision

The support and accountability a therapist receives from Clinical Supervision is not only imperative to their wellbeing but also has a flow on effect through them to the client, ensuring that they receive appropriate support. My approach to Supervision is very similar to my therapeutic philosophy: we will co create goals to ensure there is purpose underpinning your session and you will be challenged and supported to grow. I take a lot of direction from the texts by Michael Carroll and combine with process approaches from my clinical practice.

Complex Trauma

This area of trauma work is for people who have experienced traumatic events (usually on more than one occasion, but not always) during their development. The experiencing of this particular type of trauma has shaped the course of a person’s life, often affecting their personality, relationships and how they see the world. I have worked extensively with survivors of childhood abuse, in particular institutional abuse and place paramount importance in the establishment of safety and a secure therapeutic relationship before any intensive therapy begins.


I am available to provide professional consultation to organisations that feel that my areas of expertise would be of assistance to them.


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